Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Quick Laptop Guide

A Quick Laptop Guide

We all face petty problems with our gadgets but when the problem is with
our laptop, we avoid taking any risk of malfunctioning, we run towards the
service center. But this guide is going to give you a lesson so that you
can use your laptop to work more efficiently. So before any situation
emerges where you have to run to your closest Dell laptop repair  in
Gurgaon just take a look at this little guide and use your laptop more

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● Set Up a Backup
Computer loss, theft, or accidental deletion are some most common ways to
lose your data. The only way you can prepare yourself for this situation is
by creating a backup. Creating a backup is just a job of minutes. If you're
using Apple then go with Time Machine and Windows user can use externam
backup drive. Furthermore, you can use online backup program of cloud
backup or backblaze online backup or any other similar online backup to
ensure a backup of your documents. You can also use thumb drives but they
can't store much data as they lack large space for storing.

● Try Shortkeys
We know that computers are made to work faster and save our time, they have
been programmed with lots of shortcut keys. Its hard to remember all but
you can simply use some commonly use conventions like Ctrl+S for saving the
current file, Ctrl+T to start a new tab, Ctrl+Z to undo your last action,
Ctrl+O to open a file im current software program,  Alt+F4 to exit on
active window.  You can learn more shortcut keys on google and save your

● Malware Protection
There are different classes of malware like viruses, worms, trojans and
bots which infect the system variedly to damage, destroy or steal the info
in the device. Number of antivirus are available out there in software
market. You can download and install the one which matches your laptop's
need. Cure is necessary but prevention is also important. Do not open
questionable links and files and ignore the links available while
downloading. Avoid connecting untrusted devices to your laptop to avoid any
risk of Internal damage.

● Set up your Wi-Fi
Setting up a network at home or office may sound a tough job but its
nothing greater than a doddle. Similarly taking care of of it too is easy
as pie. Make sure that your router is correctly configured.  Your Wi-Fi
range and speed should must match your data need. Avoid over clogging your
router or you wouldn't be able to connect to any site.

So with the help of above described tips you can boost up the performance
of your laptop at home and can enjoy and experience a good time with your
laptop. Laptop Repair In Gurgaon gets lot of calls of laptop users who find connecting laptop to wifi a very difficult task but most of the times this task is very simple and easy!